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Been up to eighteen years and three months ago was still a virgin and proud of it do not get me wrong I've been many times and had his finger fucked my pussy licked and sucked, but never fucked a dick I've always held before it reached so far. Now, on vacation in Greece, I believe that four former classmates went for everything and all share an apartment, they were all friends at home and called her every day, but come the night we went all to celebrate, it was clear that all men are damned sight. Bring them back to our room almost every night they were with someone else. One night my best friend Angie is engaged to marry and have Christmas tubekings because a man who was about 50ish that brought him back to the room and threw it in front of me on the bed in the bedroom they shared together, resulted in no other place to sleep, so I just stood there pretending that he had gone to sleep, but could hear and feel what we did together, complains the disorganized andng and sucking sounds really turned me Angie told him to shut up or I woke up, I was pulling hard for her, which seemed to take forever to movements Angie 's head hit the bedpost and grunts with each attack on it, then I felt Angie comes with a long cry and cry then filled and finished. A The next morning I never assumed anything Siad Angie just that, I was asleep, then asked me why I'm sleeping with anyone, are not exempt from that I was a virgin, so I just said it was not. This evening we went again and again I sat in a tubekings corner and saw my friends flirt, what men there tits and ass and kissing anyone in sight, I decided to go back to our room, but had to take a taxi. I told them I was and I went alone into the street. I went and got in a car asked the driver that I wanted to go and we left, we started to chat and spoke very good English, which was very nice and said he was married, but unhappyShe was boring, but understood that English girls are whores Randy, I told him that not all were so. Like us, which seemed out of town and headed for the mountains, I said we were going the wrong way, and he said a short cut, was tubekings dark and handsome. Then I asked if I was Randy what the hell, so I thought I'll play along, tubekings I said I love the cock and looked in the mirror and smiled. We arrived at a house in the middle of nowhere, where it stopped, I was nervous and asked what was the hell is he coming in the car and opened the door, he said, which is my home, I went in the house and it was a beautiful young woman sitting in a chair, smiled and spoke with the driver in Greek, he laughed and smiled. I did have a drink and then came three Greek men slightly older than the drivers that they all spoke to the woman in Greek and I looked up and down, The driver came over and told me that English girls are showing ors, which can be dirty, I was shocked and stood up and walked toward the door, the woman behind me and grabbed my hand and said something in Greek to me and kissed me gently on the lips with his tongue my mouth, I pushed against the door and began my breasts with his hands caressing my neck and face, caress as we kissed, I run my hands through his hair and kissed more passionatley then I opened the buttons of my top tubekings and put his hand in my white lace bra, men and the driver were all watching us and talking to each other in Greek, knelt on his knees and slowly slid my skirt and rubbed my between my legs, she spread her legs and then opened up my bra and blouse and bra came so they could have sight of my naked breasts caressing my nipples and then licked her fingers around my nipples then suck on my tits tubekings harder and squeezed I was tubekings very wet and I wanted to make a woman more than me, she put her hand to starts my Nickers and touched me gently with a finger my clit rubbing up and down moving slowly, I through my head, and smiled kissing again on her lips, she knelt down and licked my pussy soaked and I plunged three fingers in my wet hole. I wanted to have this feeling fantstic. got up and turned around and walked away from me, I was standing naked at the door with the four men tubekings looked at me and I realized they all had there tails and directly enjoy touching and licking women my body. The driver came to me with the tail hanging down, pushed his finger into my vagina and said yes shes to get wet for me, that's my wife you have. I could not answer was so hot and no matter what I did, he hit his hand and tubekings it hurts me hard puhed and I felt it tubekings was to exploit my legs, sucking my tits and then pushed my head and I suck cock English said tubekings bitch, suck mehis rod long and hard and finally lickjed kept pushing into my mouth and then shot his come in my mouth that drips from the chin, but I knew love, then I wanted to take advantage of new and bad that would be driven by these men who have been there and looked at me and masturbating. I told the driver my pussy, told the other men would gladly fuck with me, I was in an old wooden table and realized that women sat in the corner with your fingers in the pussy I was playing with his car can be seen with the legs and feet high at the sides of the chair I see shaved pussy glistening with her love juice as she gently rubbed. A man about 40 came to the table with me and rubbed his penis against my wet pussy I was talking to the driver but could not understand a word he said, was then at the top and I was his feels that the press hard against me, I opened tubekings my legs for him, and then felt him push him in the beginning was firm, and tried to pushhand, turned to say something to the driver and the driver said something to the woman, she came to us at the table and started licking my pussy again with the tongue was licking and sucking, and I will have wet and then introduced himself as the man tried to enter me again, this time successfully, it felt like tears and it hurts when I felt his lenghth time I felt he was in and closed her eyes gently with the rhythm was always faster I've talked with women in the hand that was still the man for me. I felt slower, and I was all wet, he got it from me and went through the room, another man was put on the table and suck my wet clit, playing with my pussy for a while, then it was in this occasion there tubekings was no pain, he pushed and pushed me on my tits were bouncing all over the place, I was still the hands of women, while this man with a big cock was fucking bigg definaetlyhim the last man, then he shot me in soaking and came to me and went, I gave him a new man, but when I was on the table of women spoke to the driver, who was still to observe the room, sat down at me and then I put on the table, the third man approached me and began to masturbate in my pussy while snogged me, she stuck her finger in my hole and I could stand and straw soak a cry in the next i broke all his fingers felt as if I had wet, the man shot his thick cream in my hair and walked away. I got my clothes and told the driver to get dressed, he'd be back in my apart tion handed me a piece of tubekings paper on women, when I left the house. The return trip to the city was quiet out of the car and said goodbye. When I came to see in our room, because all my mates fucking men were tubekings back in bed Angie fucked by two men, looked at the role women had given me, and it was his phonee number tubekings they told me to meet again tubekings to tubekings ourselves. I'm not going to be when I meet them, or not
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